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pebbs [is OK.] “I’m just a guy who’s a photographer for fun.”

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ME vs “PROs”

What’s the difference between a “guy that’s just a photographer for fun” and “the Pros?”

🐻 I have to write catchy copy. Bear with me. 🐼

I like to put a lot of space between my approach to photography and the other guys’ approach.

Here’s what I see most often from other photographers.


Other photographers seem to spend a lot of their free time whining in one way or another.

On forums, social media, YouTube, podcasts, etc.
Photographers just love to bitch.

About everything.

  • New photographers charging too little.
  • Models being terrible people.
  • Clients being terrible people.
  • People stealing their work.
  • Not getting paid enough.
  • Clients not paying.
  • Client demands.
  • Software prices.
  • Software bugs.
  • Gear woes.
  • And on!


Something else they like to do is make up for their lack of compositional/lighting skills and resources (makeup artists, hair-stylists...

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Well, it’s been a while since I did an update on this project.

I’ve been really busy working at NUEVA.
As well as rebranding, switching domains, building assets for YouTube projects, and mapping out my future as a photographer in the midst of the pandemic.

Here’s what been happening with my life and the project.

1. I re-branded.

I wanted something easier to spell/remember/speak aloud. I think “okpebbs” is the golden ticket.

2. I’ve been working full time in a fairly busy kitchen.

For those not aware, kitchen work is pretty draining, the pay sucks and it often comes without benefits.

3. I’ve been setting the stage to start shooting some big YouTube projects.

I’d elaborate on them further, but I figure it’s better done than said.

4. I’ve been building an outdoor studio kit.

This will enable me to shoot all the photography projects at a safe “socially-distant” distance.

5. I’ve


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Just aggregating album links for a project/product a friend is working on.





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Cook for a living.

Photography, just for fun.

Everybody dies.


I’ve known that I wanted to be a photographer from the age of 8 (1994).

I got my first camera when I was 17 (2004).

I started like everyone else, taking photos of my family, friends, flowers, and general surroundings. Back then, I liked to nerd out with 360° photography and macro stuff, Most of which was lost 10 hard-drives ago.

Moving forward in my career/life (from dishwasher to cook, age 18, 2004), and growing up in a small town, I didn’t really see the opportunity to pursue photography as a practical profession.
Besides, I was too caught up in video games to pay attention, well, to anything, really.

I spent my twenties moving around a lot, bussing from city to city, staging here and there.
Sleeping on couches, floors, and staying at hostels.

[this is what my twenties looked...

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A Los Angeles local parks pet portrait popup

[original post on Neighborhood App]

🎉 PARTY ANIMALS (free photoshoots)🐶🐱🐷. Hello neighbors!
​​I’m a local photographer who’s bored out of their mind. I’m one of those types that need to keep the ball moving in terms of creativity/new-work in order to get anything done. Essentially, I need new stuff to continue work on old stuff.
​​Soooo, I’m posting here to see if there’s any interest in y'all coming out to shoot free portraits of your pets in the park. (I’d eventually be down to schedule outdoor shoots individually, eventually, but seeing if I can make this format safe and workable).
​​It will be totally free. I’m testing out some different proofing sites and working on logistics, scheduling, and timing for doing a bunch of individual shoots whilst maintaining safe social distancing, and not forming a large congregation.

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